EHRbox focuses on the entire Healthcare space. We work closely with Healthcare IT Vendors, EMR’s, Hospital Systems, Private Practices, Care Providers, Pharmaceuticals’, Research Science & Medical Equipment/Device companies. Partnerships are in a position to have a substantial impact on patients and the way they manage their own care and their providers. Our interests are to integrate knowledge between Partners that have the same ideology as EHRbox, which aside from interoperability standards, is to build improvement capabilities, innovate ideas, and form a community that learns & creates together to advance our mission globally.

Our Partnerships should have the will to transform health care delivery. Express strong interest in innovation. We live by our internal standard to provide the highest levels of quality and look to our Partnerships for the same outcome.
  • Strategic Planning
  • Building Improvement Capabilities
  • Innovation
  • Results-oriented Initiatives
  • Learning and Creating
  • Quality Control