Software Platform Integration Experts
Our solutions are geared towards increasing the Primary EMR system adoption by providing our integration module solution. The EHRbox solution enables Small to Large Physician Practices, Hospitals, Health Systems, Laboratories & Pharmaceuticals to streamline and promote any unification as they depend on the efficacy of the process.

The relationships we have developed with EMR/PMS vendors improves the EMR strategy while continuing the focus on developing relevant feature-rich systems while expediting the EMR/PMS implementation process.

The One-Click seamless viewer provides access to information from over 100's of EMR platforms, data migrations, integration solutions and laboratory interfaces. The decommissioning of these antiquated systems while ensuring the integrity of the colonization of data enriches the user with the highest level of access to information. Archiving data in where scanned static documents can now be layered onto any Analytics Platform to measure Quality Metrics is one example of our active data capabilities.

  • Patient/ Caregiver Experience
  • Care Coordination/ Patient Safety
  • Ambulatory
  • Preventive Health
  • At-Risk Population