Patient Portal App
Our Patient Access Offering is focused on creating one standard view for patients while combining the many ecosystems and sharing best practices from all worlds. We envision moving forward and achieving great things to improve quality of life for patients while increasing practice efficiencies and optimizing scale to service while maintaining data integrity. Our patient portal app, which gives patients mobile access to their own electronic medical records allows for easier patient-doctor communication. As they often come part of an EMR software package provided by the Physician, we have taken this a step further to include the many other Physicians , Specialists & Lab Systems a Patient may need to increase accuracy and effectiveness of the tool.

Easy Login / Easy Access

Patients demand ease of use. Getting frustrated will lead to lack of use. When entering portal if the very first thing they must do is prohibitively complex, then the benefits are limited for all parties involved. The capability to integrate the many systems utilized by healthcare professionals into one easy to use viewer is what is available to patients any time, night or day.

Secure Access to Physicians

Patients want responses to medical questions from a doctor. Patients feel the service that is deserved is Physician direct and don’t appreciate being handed off to nurses or front office staff for answers to health questions.

Enable Attachments

Patients want to be able to send attachments to physicians. Keeping patients honest about their ailment will keep them out of the practice/clinic/hospital, saving time and money.

Automated Interaction

Patients don’t want to just check occasionally to see what is new. They want to be part of the process and be notified when changes occur.

Scheduling Appointments through the Appl

The patient wants ease of use ability to manage appointments online.

Connect to the EHR

Integration of the many EHRs/EMRs into one viewer satisfy the requirements from the Patients perspective of questioning the entire process.

One-Click Mobile

Patients want access to their technology with them wherever they go. Patients want mobile solutions that are optimized for both mobile and non-mobile platforms.

Online Bill Payment

Patient-as-consumer will gravitate away from providers that can’t enable them to pay medical bills online as easily as they can pay practically any other bill.