Hospitals & Health Systems
Our goal is to provide a tool that can eliminate unnecessary additional workflows in the eyes of the Physician while working toward an integrated patient portfolio model of care delivery. The EHRbox solution provides a high quality, efficient , effective , low-cost , consolidated care option for all patients. . As the industry is evolving we see health systems merging and acquiring practices in an effort to create collaboration amongst the many systems that will reduce costs and increase the quality of patient care.

Growth within an organization will lead to new challenges. One of the major challenges is decommissioning the old EMR and keeping legacy data accessible when moving to a new EMR/EHR, whether to comply with state and federal regulations or provide patient-record access to physicians to maintain continuity of care.

Additionally, healthcare organizations are now finding it a necessity to aggregate various patient data from disparate source systems. This data enables providers to view a complete picture of patient health, identify gaps in patient care, and recognize opportunities for intervention in a timely manner. However, the ability to access high quality healthcare data still remains a hurdle; it is a challenge for healthcare organizations to connect to the hundreds of disparate systems in the thousands of individual practices for the patient data they need.

What We Do

We focus on the integration of many systems, tools and applications into one easy to use tool. Our experience provides a process in which we extract data, archive information to enhance analytical mining. Our offering drastically improves quality metrics reporting, that leads to improved outcomes and an effective patient process and care model. All this is a seamless process controlled by a dedicated team assigned to your account. Our goal during any transitional process is to provide a stress-free environment. We accomplish this through a very detailed regimen overseeing every aspect from start to finish. Our experience in this space ensures remarkable accurate results.

Multi-EMR/EHR Conversion

Regardless of the EMR/HER, we can consolidate any legacy patient and clinical data and allow access of that information within the primary system.

EMR Archive

EHRbox is an easily searchable, archiving solution for practices moving from one EMR to another. Data can be accessed through the primary system. Data can be utilized for informatics.

Results Interfaces

The demand to be interconnected amongst many platforms and systems has driven EHRbox to partner with many providers of service to increase interoperability. Increasing results interfaces, clinical benchmarks, demographical metrics, claims and administrative data from various EMRs/EHRs to focus on population health.